Camp Waziyatah – The Advantages of Water Activities for Children

Located in southern Maine, Camp Waziyatah is an overnight summer camp that brings together six-to-sixteen year olds from around the country and all over the world. Camp Waziyatah offers swimming, dance, rock climbing, sculpture, and gymnastics, and athletics, just to name a few activities. The camp’s waterfront activities also include water skiing, sailing, and the much-loved “Blob,” a giant, inflatable water trampoline that bounces kids up into the air and into the lake.

Water activities and games provide hours of fun, but also promote swimming skills, water safety, and valuable life lessons. Learning to swim and dive presents a challenge for children and helps to increase their confidence and coordination. In addition, water games encourage peer-to-peer interaction and develop trust while serving as a bonding and educational experience. Even under supervision during water activities, children develop a sense of independence and ability to understand their capabilities while learning a new skill.

Of course, water activities also provide low-impact exercise, combating childhood obesity and increasing health. A 50-pound child can burn between 180-230 calories per hour through moderate swimming.