Coping With Homesickness, Featuring Camp Waziyatah

@ All Rights Reserved campwaziyatah.comCamp Waziyatah in southern Maine is an overnight summer camp for children from six to 16 years old. While Camp Waziyatah campers keep busy with outdoor activities, theater arts, and waterfront adventures, some may experience homesickness, a perfectly normal reaction to being separated from family, especially if for the first time.

To ease homesickness, whether at summer camp or away at school, the following suggestions may help:

1. Get busy. Participating in activities, joining a club, or finding volunteer work eases isolation and allows you to meet new people.

2. Stay physically active. Regular exercise releases endorphins and enhances self-esteem. It also aids sleep, increases energy, and reduces anxiety.

3. Go easy on yourself. Instead of feeling like there’s something wrong with homesickness, accept that your feelings are quite natural. Even the most independent teens miss their families and may long for the familiarity of home. Be gentle with your emotions, and they may pass more easily than you expect.