The Benefits of Summer Camp

A summer camp in Waterford, Maine, Camp Waziyatah espouses the core values of courtesy, integrity, respect, and responsibility. A member of the American Camp Association (ACA), Camp Waziyatah prides itself on helping children and adolescents build their self-esteem and grow as individuals.

For 100 years, the American Camp Association (ACA) has played a major role in ensuring that camps across the country offer safe, educational places for children to grow and play. In a fairly recent study, the organization polled parents to see how camp affected their children. In the survey, the ACA presented parents with statements like “My child felt successful at camp” and asked them to rate the statements on a scale of one through five.

The results showed that overall, the majority of parents agreed that camp helps children feel successful, make new friends, gain new skills, build interpersonal relationship skills, and discover or develop their interests. Experts with the ACA also point out that camp meets a variety of youth developmental needs, ranging from creative self-expression to meaningful participation.