About Camp Waziyatah

Camp Waziyatah

Camp Waziyatah

Camp Waziyatah, located in Waterford, Maine, is a summer camp situated on 130 acres with a lake, trails, fields and extensive sporting facilities. Founded in 1922, the camp gives boys and girls the advantage of participating in activities based on their own interests with its “Kid’s Choice” program. Camp Waziyatah has six program areas available to choose from, including waterfront, horseback riding, performing arts, athletics, visual arts, and adventure bound, giving kids more than forty activity choices. Every camper at Camp Waziyatah experiences individual choice and instruction and supervision by expert, caring staff. The motto at Camp Waziyatah is “Where Summer Lasts Forever”. This motto is reflected by the lifelong friendships and individual growth experienced by its campers, and proven out by numerous campers in returning after high school graduation to serve as counselors and directors.

Gregg Parker and Mitch Parker, co-owners of Camp Waziyatah, are certified as camp directors with the well respected American Camp Association, where Camp Waziyatah is an accredited camp. As such, it adheres to the ACA’s strict safety and program guidelines. Gregg and Mitch have enhanced the camp experience with their combined leadership skills in a wide variety of sports. Gregg Parker, full time director of Camp Waziyatah, has fifteen years of camp experience as a camper and counselor, and has teaching experience in water skiing, swimming, wind surfing and snow skiing, and has also worked as a whitewater rafting guide. Mitch Parker, co-director of Camp Waziyatah, has 20 years of camping experience, and is an experienced basketball coach and waterfront director. Gregg and Mitch have both taken courses in outdoor skills including mountaineering and rock climbing.

Camp Waziyatah is run by a proud staff of recruited counselors, division directors, and department heads. These positions are filled by fully background checked individuals who have an interest in educating children, such as college students, teachers, guidance counselors, and childcare professionals. Many of the camp’s team members attended the camp’s training program for counselors, which consists of the Counselor in Training Program and the Junior Counselor Program. Designed for high school juniors and seniors, these two programs help campers develop leadership skills, become Red Cross-certified lifeguards, and learn the benefits of community service.


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