Who Attends Camp Waziyatah?

A coed summer camp located in beautiful Waterford, Maine, Camp Waziyatah welcomes campers ages six to sixteen from around the world. This summer, the camp will host six different sessions ranging in length from two weeks to eight weeks. To ensure that all campers get the most out of their experience, Camp Waziyatah divides the youth by age and offers different programming for younger and older campers. Boys and girls in grades two through six live in “The Pines.” This special area of camp features smaller cabin groups and more personal attention. Campers at The Pines still participate in all camp activities, but they also spend plenty of time learning to live away from home.

Teenagers entering grades seven through ten spend their camp sessions living in “The Grove” and “The Hill.” These young men and women enjoy a series of teen-specific activities and programs, including coed special events and high adventure trips. Finally, Camp Waziyatah invites teenagers entering 11th and 12th grades to participate in its Counselor in Training (C.I.T.) and Junior Counselor Programs. These sessions allow teens to work with younger campers, complete lifeguard certification, and gain valuable leadership experience.


The Benefits of Summer Camp

A summer camp in Waterford, Maine, Camp Waziyatah espouses the core values of courtesy, integrity, respect, and responsibility. A member of the American Camp Association (ACA), Camp Waziyatah prides itself on helping children and adolescents build their self-esteem and grow as individuals.

For 100 years, the American Camp Association (ACA) has played a major role in ensuring that camps across the country offer safe, educational places for children to grow and play. In a fairly recent study, the organization polled parents to see how camp affected their children. In the survey, the ACA presented parents with statements like “My child felt successful at camp” and asked them to rate the statements on a scale of one through five.

The results showed that overall, the majority of parents agreed that camp helps children feel successful, make new friends, gain new skills, build interpersonal relationship skills, and discover or develop their interests. Experts with the ACA also point out that camp meets a variety of youth developmental needs, ranging from creative self-expression to meaningful participation.

Coping With Homesickness, Featuring Camp Waziyatah

@ All Rights Reserved campwaziyatah.comCamp Waziyatah in southern Maine is an overnight summer camp for children from six to 16 years old. While Camp Waziyatah campers keep busy with outdoor activities, theater arts, and waterfront adventures, some may experience homesickness, a perfectly normal reaction to being separated from family, especially if for the first time.

To ease homesickness, whether at summer camp or away at school, the following suggestions may help:

1. Get busy. Participating in activities, joining a club, or finding volunteer work eases isolation and allows you to meet new people.

2. Stay physically active. Regular exercise releases endorphins and enhances self-esteem. It also aids sleep, increases energy, and reduces anxiety.

3. Go easy on yourself. Instead of feeling like there’s something wrong with homesickness, accept that your feelings are quite natural. Even the most independent teens miss their families and may long for the familiarity of home. Be gentle with your emotions, and they may pass more easily than you expect.

Camp Waziyatah – The Advantages of Water Activities for Children

Located in southern Maine, Camp Waziyatah is an overnight summer camp that brings together six-to-sixteen year olds from around the country and all over the world. Camp Waziyatah offers swimming, dance, rock climbing, sculpture, and gymnastics, and athletics, just to name a few activities. The camp’s waterfront activities also include water skiing, sailing, and the much-loved “Blob,” a giant, inflatable water trampoline that bounces kids up into the air and into the lake.

Water activities and games provide hours of fun, but also promote swimming skills, water safety, and valuable life lessons. Learning to swim and dive presents a challenge for children and helps to increase their confidence and coordination. In addition, water games encourage peer-to-peer interaction and develop trust while serving as a bonding and educational experience. Even under supervision during water activities, children develop a sense of independence and ability to understand their capabilities while learning a new skill.

Of course, water activities also provide low-impact exercise, combating childhood obesity and increasing health. A 50-pound child can burn between 180-230 calories per hour through moderate swimming.

Camp Waziyatah: Safety Tips for Swimming

Individuals should always exercise caution when swimming, but especially if swimming in a larger body of water such as a pond or lake. Camp Waziyatah, a summer camp in Waterford, Maine, offers a number of water-related activities, including swimming, sailing, skiing, wake boarding, and the “blob,” a large, inflatable that bounces kids into the water. Here Camp Waziyatah offers a few swimming-safety tips.

1. Never swim alone. Utilizing a buddy system ensures that there is always another person available who can help in the event of an emergency. Frequent “buddy checks” keep track of all swimmers regularly.

2. When children are swimming at a lake or pond, there should always be an adult present, whether it be a parent, counselor, or lifeguard. Camp Waziyatah employs many waterfront personnel, including certified Water Safety Instructors and Lifeguards.

3. Occasionally, lakes can be cloudy. During those times, swimmers should wear water shoes or aqua socks to protect their feet while walking on the bottom.

Preparing for Homesickness at Summer Camp

An overnight summer camp for boys and girls, Camp Waziyatah provides 130 acres of beautiful woods, fields, trails and sporting areas, as well as a warm 3.5-mile spring-fed lake. Campers participate in activities ranging from water skiing to horseback riding to “the blob”, a much-loved water feature. A renowned destination, Camp Waziyatah served as the setting for Bug Juice, a world-famous television series on the Disney Channel.

Many parents worry about homesickness when sending kids to summer camp. Parents can help prevent homesickness, a normal condition that arises when children separate from their parents and homes for longer than normal, by taking action before their child arrives at camp. First, parents should have kids practice “independent time” throughout the year. This time should be spent away from home and away from parents. Sleepovers represent a perfect opportunity for independent time because they prepare a child for the overnight summer camp experience.

Once a child arrives at camp, his or her parents should send that child a care package to help him or her feel more secure. Furthermore, if a parent is concerned about homesickness, it helps to inform the camp director about a child’s emotional state. That way, camp staff can keep an eye on him or her and intervene when needed.

Camp Waziyatah: Is Sleepaway Camp a Good Idea?

Camp Waziyatah, an overnight summer camp in Southern Maine, provides more than 40 activities for children ages 6 to 16. With accredited directors and trained counselors, the camp welcomes children into a community of integrity, respect, and responsibility.

Campers at Camp Waziyatah learn physical and mental skills associated with swimming, archery, performing arts, and more. But the camp experience is about much more than activities, Director Mitch Parker says. Children learn social skills and gain independence when they leave home for the summer weeks.

Some children may be nervous to separate from their families and attend camp with peers they have not met; however, the experience teaches lessons in self-esteem and social competency. Psychologists note that separation from the family is beneficial for parents too, because they learn to let go and allow their children to take on individual identities.

Camp Waziyatah offers summer sessions that last two to eight weeks. Campers come from all over the United States, and 10% of them arrive from international locations.